Selves Connections

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Exeter, Huron County, Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Balkwill, Mary Jane  1858Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10568
2 Brintnell, Madeline Irene  5 Jun 1916Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12297
3 Brintnell, Roland  23 Jul 1891Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I16662
4 Brintnell, Vernon Alson  3 Jul 1889Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I14788
5 Brock, Florence Irene  17 May 1913Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I09029
6 Brock, Gretta Mabel  29 Jan 1909Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I09027
7 Davidson, Dorothy Evelyn  22 Mar 1888Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10604
8 Davidson, Elizabeth Edna  10 Nov 1883Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10601
9 Davidson, Henry Larue  5 Mar 1891Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10603
10 Davidson, Irvine John  30 Aug 1879Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10600
11 Davidson, Judson Pete  7 Sep 1877Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10597
12 Davidson, Mary Ellen  21 Oct 1875Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10598
13 Davidson, Ruby Claire  11 Oct 1885Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10602
14 Davidson, Thomas Harmon  14 Mar 1874Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10596
15 Davidson, William Frederick  15 Sep 1881Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10599
16 Davis, Edwin John  1880Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I13658
17 Dew, Martha  23 Sep 1855Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I14416
18 Dougall, Brian Murray  15 Nov 1957Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I11792
19 Ellerington, William Frederick Luther  Mar 1943Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15112
20 Frayne, Lena Emily  27 Mar 1880Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15092
21 Frayne, Lillie May  24 Mar 1896Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15093
22 Frayne, Russell James  15 Apr 1885Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15095
23 Frayne, Venetta Margaret  29 Jul 1888Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15101
24 Heywood, Caleb  21 Jun 1860Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12859
25 Hunter, Evelyn  5 Oct 1928Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I09097
26 Johns, Paul Isaac   I16505
27 Manning, Phylona Jane  ABT. 24 Jul 1858Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12852
28 McCurdy, Barry Gordon  9 Apr 1964Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I11009
29 Passmore, Russell Francis  25 Sep 1919Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15686
30 Penhale, Doris Evelyn  7 Jul 1927Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I17137
31 Penhale, Elizabeth Grace  9 May 1918Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I17132
32 Penhale, Gladys Isabel  25 Aug 1915Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I17133
33 Penhale, Gordon Russell  20 Oct 1896Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I14328
34 Penhale, Harry Kestle  29 Oct 1915Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15132
35 Penhale, Jean  27 Apr 1914Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15108
36 Penhale, Thomas William  11 May 1893Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I17145
37 Rowcliffe, Janet Victoria  25 Feb 1893Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I13820
38 Strang, Henry  1861Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I13097
39 Treble, Elizabeth  Jul 1864Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Henry  1 Feb 1929Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I13814
2 Anderson, Margaret  21 Jun 1931Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I03086
3 Bagshaw, Lenora  10 Sep 1951Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I16944
4 Bailey, Mary  11 Feb 1912Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I01734
5 Batten, Laura Katherine  6 Feb 2020Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I16583
6 Batten, Ralph Wellington  1958Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12291
7 Batten, Sarah Elizabeth  1943Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12267
8 Bell, William Ross  12 Apr 2017Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I17080
9 Bestard, Brian Lewis  20 Apr 2007Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I16992
10 Blair, Robert A  5 Apr 1995Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I13477
11 Brintnell, Almira V.  21 Apr 2018Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15912
12 Brintnell, Eliza Jane  24 Aug 1917Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I17202
13 Brintnell, Frank Ross  23 Mar 2005Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12304
14 Brintnell, Harold G.  30 Sep 2018Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I11096
15 Brintnell, John Thomas  3 Aug 2002Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15425
16 Brintnell, R. Gerald  17 Apr 2020Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I01435
17 Brintnell, Richard Arthur  12 Nov 1990Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12306
18 Brintnell, Vernon Alson  11 Feb 1890Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I14788
19 Carscadden, Eric Howard  6 Feb 1978Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12277
20 Chuter, Margaret L.  29 Jun 2005Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12976
21 Cooper, Mary Alberta  2 Apr 1962Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I07463
22 Copeland, Carrie Leona  14 Mar 1922Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I09012
23 Coultis, Norma Doreen  10 Aug 2008Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I07580
24 Coultis, Richard Henry  17 Aug 1923Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12788
25 Coultis, Shirley Alberta  3 Jul 2011Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I07581
26 Coward, Lois Labelle  13 Apr 2014Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12675
27 Coward, Muriel Helen  4 May 2018Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12676
28 Crawford, Basil Norman  9 Mar 2008Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I11800
29 Davis, Walter Milford Harold  21 Sep 1990Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I14258
30 Dearing, Harriet  30 Jan 1918Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I09360
31 Dickens, Mary  1998Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I11701
32 Dougall, Andrew Albert  6 Jan 2020Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I07939
33 Doupe, Lucy Marguerite  18 Jan 1999Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I10732
34 Down, Ann  28 Feb 1936Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I11882
35 Earl, Marjorie Ilene  26 Dec 2009Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I07533
36 Ellerington, Robert Lamont  13 Jan 2002Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15116
37 Ellerington, Thomas  1 Sep 1990Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I09287
38 Ellerington, William A  21 May 1991Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15109
39 Elliott, Ronald  23 Feb 2019Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I07817
40 Finkbeiner, Harold Douglas  29 Sep 2004Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I07586
41 Flanagan, Catherine E  5 Feb 2008Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I13475
42 Fletcher, Mona  13 May 2019Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I14237
43 Fletcher, Norma Jean  19 Mar 2013Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I13478
44 Fletcher, Olga Marie  16 Aug 2018Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I14235
45 Fletcher, Ronald Charles Addison  22 May 2015Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I13472
46 Ford, Marie E  26 Oct 1990Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I12299
47 Frayne, Lena Emily  1943Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15092
48 Frayne, Peter  6 May 1929Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15089
49 Frayne, Robert  6 Dec 1909Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15072
50 Gallop, Grace Belle  28 Oct 2003Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I06520

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Frayne, Robert  Exeter, Huron County, Ontario I15072


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Morey / Robinson  28 Aug 1889Exeter, Huron County, Ontario F5670

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