Selves Connections

The Greater Selves Family

Brock Twp, Ontario County



Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rynard, George Christopher  Jun 1872Brock Twp, Ontario County I02269
2 Rynard, Mary Jane  1882Brock Twp, Ontario County I02270
3 Shier, Albert  14 Apr 1840Brock Twp, Ontario County I01933
4 Shier, Alexander  22 Aug 1861Brock Twp, Ontario County I01957
5 Shier, Amos  7 Sep 1839Brock Twp, Ontario County I02057
6 Shier, Ann  21 Jan 1832Brock Twp, Ontario County I02045
7 Shier, Annie Viola  1900Brock Twp, Ontario County I02152
8 Shier, George  15 Aug 1841Brock Twp, Ontario County I01985
9 Shier, James  3 Jan 1844Brock Twp, Ontario County I02084
10 Shier, John W.  Apr 1864Brock Twp, Ontario County I01958
11 Shier, Jonathan Wesley  10 Mar 1835Brock Twp, Ontario County I01982
12 Shier, Joseph Henry  29 Nov 1835Brock Twp, Ontario County I02064
13 Shier, Josiah  3 Apr 1837Brock Twp, Ontario County I01929
14 Shier, Laura A. L.  4 Jan 1880Brock Twp, Ontario County I01965
15 Shier, Leona Pearl  1892Brock Twp, Ontario County I02142
16 Shier, Lucinda  4 Feb 1834Brock Twp, Ontario County I01925
17 Shier, Lucinda  11 Nov 1856Brock Twp, Ontario County I01954
18 Shier, Mary  27 Feb 1832Brock Twp, Ontario County I01923
19 Shier, Matilda  1 Nov 1837Brock Twp, Ontario County I02081
20 Shier, Nathan  27 Sep 1842Brock Twp, Ontario County I01937
21 Shier, Percival Henry James  3 Mar 1890Brock Twp, Ontario County I02124
22 Shier, Reuben  17 Oct 1835Brock Twp, Ontario County I01927
23 Shier, Samuel  1855Brock Twp, Ontario County I01952
24 Shier, Switzer  26 Oct 1833Brock Twp, Ontario County I02046
25 Shier, William  24 Sep 1844Brock Twp, Ontario County I01939
26 Switzer, Henry Adam  26 Feb 1833Brock Twp, Ontario County I02099
27 Switzer, Jemima  24 May 1838Brock Twp, Ontario County I01894
28 Switzer, Villeroi  27 Jun 1852Brock Twp, Ontario County I02106
29 Wilson, Charles Cecil  24 Nov 1905Brock Twp, Ontario County I02131


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barker, Hannah  3 Jan 1889Brock Twp, Ontario County I01940
2 Bryan, Margaret Ann  14 Jan 1950Brock Twp, Ontario County I02123
3 Corneil, Mary  27 Dec 1861Brock Twp, Ontario County I02011
4 Dafoe, Almeda Ann  1 Jul 1900Brock Twp, Ontario County I02262
5 Raham, Louisa  1932Brock Twp, Ontario County I02266
6 Rynard, Catherine  2 Jun 1906Brock Twp, Ontario County I01998
7 Rynard, Clarence  13 Apr 1906Brock Twp, Ontario County I02268
8 Rynard, George Christopher  9 Aug 1874Brock Twp, Ontario County I02269
9 Rynard, Mary Jane  9 Jun 1896Brock Twp, Ontario County I02270
10 Rynard, Philip  1948Brock Twp, Ontario County I02265
11 Semple, Thomas  16 Dec 1920Brock Twp, Ontario County I02112
12 Shier, Annie Viola  1900Brock Twp, Ontario County I02152
13 Shier, Catherine  2 Feb 1882Brock Twp, Ontario County I01972
14 Shier, Catherine  28 Nov 1921Brock Twp, Ontario County I02111
15 Shier, George  11 Jan 1931Brock Twp, Ontario County I01985
16 Shier, Jacob  7 Dec 1904Brock Twp, Ontario County I01978
17 Shier, Jacob Wesley  17 Jan 1926Brock Twp, Ontario County I02005
18 Shier, Laura A. L.  27 Dec 1886Brock Twp, Ontario County I01965
19 Shier, Leona Pearl  1892Brock Twp, Ontario County I02142
20 Shier, Letitia Ann  Mar 1957Brock Twp, Ontario County I02127
21 Shier, Lily Aliena  18 Aug 1976Brock Twp, Ontario County I02141
22 Shier, Mary Jane  8 Jan 1950Brock Twp, Ontario County I01987
23 Shier, Nathan  21 Sep 1882Brock Twp, Ontario County I01937
24 Shier, Rhoda Alberta  19 May 1970Brock Twp, Ontario County I02272
25 Shier, Richard  6 Sep 1877Brock Twp, Ontario County I01973
26 Shier, Richard Henry  4 Apr 1918Brock Twp, Ontario County I02140
27 Shier, Sarah  3 Mar 1886Brock Twp, Ontario County I01791
28 Shier, Stanley O. W.  9 Aug 1968Brock Twp, Ontario County I02007
29 Shier, William  1926Brock Twp, Ontario County I01939
30 St. John, Mary Ann  17 Nov 1930Brock Twp, Ontario County I02109
31 Switzer, Edward  14 Oct 1907Brock Twp, Ontario County I01790
32 Umphrey, Annie Maude  3 Jun 1939Brock Twp, Ontario County I02006
33 Veitch, Sarah Ann  12 Sep 1921Brock Twp, Ontario County I01938
34 Vrooman, Samantha  16 Apr 1933Brock Twp, Ontario County I02271
35 Wilson, Charles Cecil  7 Nov 1953Brock Twp, Ontario County I02131
36 Wilson, Charles William  16 Jan 1937Brock Twp, Ontario County I02128
37 Wilson, Franklin James  1954Brock Twp, Ontario County I02129

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